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Ex JKBOSE Chairman, Others To Face Charges in Corruption Case After Nine Years

The court of Special Judge Anti-corruption Jammu has taken a significant step forward in the Elementary Teachers Training (ETT) institutes scam, a case that has lingered for nine years. Key figures, including M A Charoo, the former Chairman of JK BOSE, Bashir Ahmed Dar, the ex-Director Academics, and owners of five ETT institutes, are among those facing charges. Furthermore, the court has expanded the scope of the case, bringing in previously overlooked accused individuals, with bailable warrants issued for their next hearing appearance.

The origins of the case stem from a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed in the Srinagar High Court, triggering an investigation in 2015 and the subsequent closure of the PIL.

Allegations outlined in the charge sheet expose a widespread scam in the educational sector, involving 22 unauthorized ETT institutes lacking proper infrastructure and educational standards. Students from outside the state were purportedly enrolled without fulfilling attendance requirements, promised degrees under dubious circumstances.

The scandal first surfaced in 2010 following an inquiry by the A K Sen Committee, which uncovered the institutes’ fraudulent practices. Subsequent FIRs were lodged, initiating the ongoing legal proceedings. Despite earlier directives for further investigation, the court expressed dissatisfaction with the Special Investigation Team’s (SIT) handling of the case, leading to the framing of charges against the accused and additional individuals.

Emphasizing the urgency of resolving the matter due to its prolonged duration and severe allegations, the court underscored the need for swift action.

The next hearing, scheduled for June 3, is anticipated to involve the appearance of newly accused individuals. This development highlights the judiciary’s commitment to addressing the implications of the scam and ensuring accountability for those involved.

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