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Doodpathri ‘Illegal’ Tea Vendors Ordered to Vacate in 10 Days

Budgam, May 22 (WD): The Doodpathri Development Authority (DDA) has issued a directive to the owners of “illegal” tea stalls at the Doodpathri tourist resort in central Kashmir’s Budgam district. These vendors have been given a 10-day ultimatum to vacate the occupied spaces or face stringent action.

The order, as reported by the Wattan Daily (WD), was prompted by numerous complaints regarding the vendors’ activities. The tea stall owners have been accused of cutting tree branches, which is detrimental to the scenic beauty and ecological balance of the meadows.

Chief Executive Officer of the DDA, Nargis Suraya, confirmed the complaints, emphasizing the environmental impact of the vendors’ actions. She highlighted the significant damage being done to the picturesque landscape, which is a major attraction for tourists visiting the area.

Moreover, the unauthorized tea stalls are reportedly set up under high-tension transmission lines. This not only poses a severe risk to the lives of the vendors themselves but also endangers the safety of the visitors frequenting the resort.

In response to these issues, a joint team comprising members of the Forest Protection Force, DDA, Power Development Department (PDD), and local police conducted a site visit. During this visit, they formally warned the vendors to vacate the premises within the stipulated 10 days.

Failure to comply with the order will result in strict actions being taken against the offending vendors. The authorities are determined to restore the natural beauty of Doodpathri and ensure the safety of all visitors and workers in the area.

The directive has sparked a mixed response among the local community, with some supporting the move to protect the environment and others expressing concerns about the livelihoods of the vendors. The DDA has assured that alternative measures and locations will be considered for the displaced vendors to ensure their income is not entirely disrupted.

As the deadline approaches, the situation remains tense, with authorities closely monitoring the compliance of the tea stall owners. The DDA’s decision reflects a broader effort to maintain the ecological integrity and safety standards of tourist destinations in Kashmir.

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