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Doctors Sound Alarm Over Health Risks from Worm Infections in Children

In a recent revelation, medical experts have issued a stern warning regarding the health hazards posed by worm infections in children, shedding light on the critical significance of deworming. The advisory underscores the profound implications of untreated infections, which can manifest in malnutrition, anaemia, and hindered physical and cognitive development.

According to discussions with wattan Daily (WD), doctors emphasized the pivotal role of vigilant parental oversight in monitoring children’s health and behavior, particularly in detecting and addressing worm infections. They elucidated that the repercussions of untreated worm infections extend beyond mere physical discomfort, encompassing a spectrum of adverse effects on growth, nutrition, and cognitive abilities.

Dr. Junaid, a distinguished pediatric specialist, outlined the multifaceted health risks associated with worm infections, ranging from anaemia to severe abdominal complications. He stressed the pivotal role of deworming treatment, characterizing it as a simple, safe, and cost-effective intervention capable of significantly mitigating the burden of worm infestations in children.

Echoing these sentiments, Dr. Shugufta underscored the transformative impact of deworming on children’s overall well-being, citing enhancements in immunity, academic performance, and nutritional uptake. Addressing prevalent misconceptions, Dr. Shugufta clarified that deworming is not bound by seasonal constraints, advocating for its routine administration to curb the prevalence of anaemia and related health ailments.

Alarming statistics from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) underscore the widespread prevalence of anaemia among Indian children, with a staggering 73% affected, signaling a stark escalation from previous surveys. Furthermore, the data reveal a disconcerting trend wherein maternal anaemia serves as a significant predictor of childhood anaemia, irrespective of maternal educational attainment.

In the context of Jammu & Kashmir, where anaemia afflicts three-fourths of children, even those born to mothers with higher education, urgent measures are imperative to arrest this concerning trend. The medical community’s clarion call for enhanced deworming initiatives resonates as a vital strategy in safeguarding the health and well-being of the younger generation, underscoring the imperative of concerted action to tackle worm infections and their debilitating consequences.

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