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Breaking update; PDD to increase power cut Duration amid no snowfall in Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 19 (WD):

Kashmir Power Update: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has made a significant announcement regarding the power situation in the region. On Thursday, the corporation declared a temporary increase in power curtailment, extending by 2 to 2.5 hours. This decision is a response to a substantial reduction in power generation, a consequence of the prolonged spell affecting the Kashmir Valley.

Assurance to the Public: KPDCL sought to reassure the public that this measure is a temporary one. They emphasized that once a sufficient improvement in power generation occurs, the curtailment will be reverted to its previous state. The communication of this assurance was made through a statement posted on the corporation’s microblogging site, X (formerly Twitter).

Peak Hour Adjustments: The specifics of the announcement highlight that the extended curtailment will be in effect during peak hours. Due to the drastic reduction in power generation and limited availability, residents across the Kashmir Valley will experience this temporary adjustment in their daily power supply.

Dry Spell Impact: The ongoing dry spell in the region is identified as the primary factor affecting power generation capacity in both Jammu and Kashmir. The Power Development Department (PDD) anticipates potential distressing situations during the upcoming summer and winter seasons, adding urgency to addressing the current power shortfall.

Communication Medium: Notably, the KPDCL has adapted to modern communication channels by utilizing a microblogging platform for disseminating official updates. This reflects a contemporary approach to keeping the public informed about crucial matters such as power distribution and curtailment.

Future Concerns: The broader context of the situation suggests that the impact of the dry spell on power generation could extend beyond the immediate period. With the Power Development Department expressing concerns about distressing situations in the upcoming seasons, addressing the root causes of the power shortfall becomes imperative for sustainable and reliable power supply in the region.

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