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Big News: 30 KPS DSPs Posted by Home Department in J&K

Jammu, Dec 24 (WD):

The Jammu & Kashmir Police recently made a big decision for Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) from the 2020 Batch. On December 23, 2023, they issued Order No: 3570 of 2023, saying these officers have finished their training.

This order is effective right away, and it means that these DSPs will be reassigned to new roles. The goal is to make things work better and strengthen law and order in the region. The reshuffling is like putting pieces of a puzzle together, arranging officers where they’re needed most.

This move is part of a bigger plan to improve how the police work. By making sure officers are in the right places, they can do their jobs better and keep up with the challenges they face. It’s all about making the police force more effective, so the community stays safe.

As these DSPs take on new tasks, it’s expected to have a positive impact on the community’s safety, showing the commitment of the Jammu & Kashmir Police to keep things secure and responsive to the needs of the people. (WD)

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