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ARTO suspends 06 Driving Licenses in Kashmir

Bandipora, Feb 07 (WD):

Suspension of Driving Licenses by ARTO Bandipora

In the Public Notice, ARTO Bandipora remarked that “Please be informed that the following driving licenses have been suspended for a period of three (03) months, effective from the dates mentioned below, due to various offenses/violations of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules”

  1. Mohsin Nabi Dar
  • Address: Dar Mohallah Gamroo, Gundi Dachina Bandipora
  • DL No.: JK15 20220000280
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024
  1. Nisar Ahmad Malla
  • Address: Faroze Ahmad Beigh, Ayathmulla Bandipora
  • DL No.: JK1520140008230
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024
  1. Shakir Ahmad Lone
  • Address: Hilal Ahmad Baba, Arin Dard Pora Bandipora
  • DL No.: JK1520200003532
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024
  1. Yasir Hassan Penchoo
  • Address: Kulhama Nadihal Bandipora
  • DL No.: JK1520220000712
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024
  1. Shafat Masoad Chohan
  • Address: Malangam Bandipora, Banakoot Bandipora
  • DL No.: JK1520150010319
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024
  1. Bilal Ahmad Sheikh
  • DL No.: JK1520220000067
  • Date of Suspension: 07-02-2024

This action has been taken after recommendations were received from the enforcement agency, the Motor Vehicles Department, for the aforementioned offenders.

Please adhere to traffic regulations to avoid such penalties in the future.

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