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Amit Shah Signals Potential Revocation of AFSPA and Troop Withdrawal from J&K

In a significant development, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has revealed that the Central government is considering the possibility of revoking the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) from Jammu and Kashmir.

While speaking in an interview with Gulistan News, Shah expressed confidence in the improving situation in the region, indicating a forthcoming review of AFSPA’s status. He emphasized that the government is actively assessing the evolving circumstances and contemplating steps towards revocation, signaling a potential shift in policy.

Addressing concerns about the security presence in Jammu and Kashmir, Shah disclosed that the government has formulated a comprehensive roadmap for troop withdrawal. He affirmed that the withdrawal process will commence following elections, underscoring the intention to entrust law and order responsibilities primarily to the Jammu and Kashmir Police. Shah emphasized the newfound trust in the local police force, highlighting its increased role in managing various situations previously handled by central forces.

Highlighting the evolving dynamics, Shah underscored the transformation in the role of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, which has now assumed a leading role in maintaining law and order. He noted the transition from relying solely on central forces to empowering the local police, citing their enhanced capabilities and self-reliance. Shah credited the JK Police for their proactive approach, with an increasing number of encounters being conducted by them, while central forces offer support as needed.

Providing insights into the ongoing process, Shah revealed that the troop withdrawal initiative has already commenced, underscoring the proactive measures undertaken by the government.

He attributed the prominent role of the Jammu and Kashmir Police in current operations to the gradual reduction of security forces, signifying a strategic shift towards local law enforcement. Shah’s remarks indicate a broader policy shift aimed at empowering and reinforcing the capabilities of the state police in maintaining peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.

The announcement by Union Home Minister Amit Shah marks a significant step towards normalization and restoration of trust in the region. The consideration of revoking AFSPA and the planned troop withdrawal signify a renewed commitment to address the complex security challenges in Jammu and Kashmir through a multifaceted approach.

As the government moves forward with its plans, the role of the Jammu and Kashmir Police is expected to become even more pivotal, reflecting a paradigm shift towards local governance and security management.

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