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Seven Newborns Die in Fire at  Delhi children’s hospital

New Delhi, May 26: In a devastating incident, seven newborns have tragically lost their lives following a fire at a children’s hospital in East Delhi’s Vivek Vihar. The fire, which broke out late Saturday night, has left the community in shock and mourning.

The blaze erupted at the hospital located in Shahdara, prompting an immediate response from the Delhi Fire Services (DFS). According to officials, the fire started around midnight and quickly spread, endangering the lives of the newborns and other patients in the facility.

Despite the rapid response from the DFS, which managed to rescue twelve newborns from the fire, seven of them succumbed to their injuries. This tragic outcome has highlighted the vulnerabilities and challenges in emergency preparedness at medical facilities.

Atul Garg, the chief of Delhi Fire Services, confirmed the unfortunate loss of lives. He stated that five of the rescued newborns are currently receiving treatment at another hospital. The condition of these infants is being closely monitored by medical professionals.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, with authorities working to determine how the blaze started and spread so quickly. Preliminary reports suggest that an electrical short circuit might be the culprit, but official confirmation is awaited.

This incident has raised serious concerns about the safety protocols in place at hospitals, particularly those catering to vulnerable patients like newborns. It underscores the urgent need for stringent fire safety measures and regular drills to prevent such tragedies in the future.

The Delhi government has announced an inquiry into the incident, promising to take strict action against those found responsible for any lapses in safety. In addition, compensation for the families of the deceased has been assured by the authorities.

As the community grieves this heartbreaking loss, there is a collective call for improved safety standards in healthcare facilities to ensure that such a disaster never occurs again. The focus now is on supporting the affected families and ensuring the recovery of the surviving infants.

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