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Farooq Abdullah among 49 MPs Suspended from Lok Sabha

New Delhi, Dec 19 (WD News):

49 Opposition MPs, including Supriya Sule, Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tewari, and Farooq Abdullah, have been suspended in the Winter session of the Parliament on December 19, amid allegations of misconduct within the chambers.

Demanding a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the security breach in Parliament on December 13, INDIA bloc MPs, frustrated over recent Assembly election results, seek the revocation of the MPs’ suspension.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi, moving a motion for suspension, accuses protesting members of being “frustrated” with election outcomes, stating that their return to the House depends on their behavior.

A total of 141 MPs, an unprecedented figure in Indian Parliament history, were suspended in this session, with 78 suspensions occurring earlier on Monday in both Houses.

Protesting Opposition MPs in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha demand a statement from Mr. Shah on last week’s security breach, leading to the arrest of six people.

Additionally, 27 questions by suspended Lok Sabha MPs were deleted from Tuesday’s question list, and names of suspended MPs were removed from groups posing questions to ministers.

The 49 Opposition MPs suspended in the Winter session of Parliament on December 19 include:

  1. Supriya Sule
  2. Shashi Tharoor
  3. Manish Tewari
  4. Farooq Abdullah
  5. V. Vaithlingam
  6. Gurjit Singh Aujla
  7. SS Ulaka
  8. Adur Prakash
  9. Abdul Samdani
  10. Pradyut Bardoloi
  11. Girdhari Yadav
  12. Geeta Kohra
  13. Francisco Saradega
  14. S. Jagadakshan
  15. S. R. Parthiban
  16. Jyostana Mahant
  17. A. Ganesh Murthy
  18. P. Beluswamy
  19. Mala Roy
  20. A CheleKumar
  21. Karti Chidambaram
  22. M.K. Vishnu Prasand
  23. Dimple Yadav
  24. Sajda Ahmed
  25. Jasbir Gill
  26. Rajiv Ranjan Singh
  27. Hasnain Masoodi
  28. Sudip Bandopadhayay
  29. Danish Ali
  30. Khelur Rehman
  31. DNV Senthil Kumar
  32. Santosh Kumar
  33. Dulalchandra Goswami
  34. Dinesh Yadav
  35. K. Sudhakaran
  36. PP Mohd Faizal
  37. Mahabali Singh
  38. Kelur Rehman
  39. Senthil Kumar
  40. Ranveer Singh Bittu
  41. Amol Khole
  42. Sushil Kumar Rinku
  43. Sunil Kumar Singh
  44. M. Dhanush Kumar
  45. Pratibha Singh
  46. Chandreshwar Prasad
  47. Dileshwar kamat
  48. Adur Prakash
  49. T. Thirumalavum

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