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Cryptocurrency, Cyber Threats Posing New Challenges: PM

New Delhi, Feb 05(WD):

Global Cooperation for Justice:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need for international collaboration in investigating and delivering justice, particularly in light of criminals exploiting modern technology for cross-border activities. Modi advocated for respectful cooperation between countries, highlighting that working together turns jurisdiction into a means of delivering justice rather than delaying it.

Challenges in the 21st Century:
Addressing the Commonwealth Legal Education Association, Modi acknowledged the challenges posed by the rise of cryptocurrency and cyber threats. He stressed the necessity of adapting the justice delivery system to these evolving challenges, urging flexibility and adaptability. Modi suggested extending the collaborative approach already seen in air and maritime traffic control to the realms of investigation and justice.

Modernizing Legal Systems:
The Prime Minister emphasized the need to modernize legal systems for effective justice delivery. He pointed out that economic crimes in one region are used to fund activities in other regions, highlighting the importance of rethinking, reimagining, and reforming legal practices. Modi cited India’s efforts in replacing century-old colonial criminal laws with three new legislations focused on ensuring justice and citizen assurance.

Technology as a Tool:
Modi underscored the role of technology in legal advancements. India has leveraged technology to reduce litigations, using drones for mapping and providing property cards to rural areas. Digitalization has allowed many Indian courts to conduct proceedings online, enabling broader access to justice. The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of young legal minds with diverse exposure and advocated for increased female representation in law schools.

Conference Theme and Objectives:
The Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference will focus on “Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery.” Deliberations will cover crucial topics such as judicial transition, ethical dimensions of legal practice, executive accountability, and the need for a contemporary approach to legal education. Modi expressed hope that the conference would contribute to ensuring timely justice for all, regardless of geographical boundaries.

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