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Big update regarding Coaching Centres in Kashmir amid Transporters strike

Srinagar, Jan 02 (WD):

Srinagar is facing disruptions as a transporters’ strike hampers students’ access to coaching centers, impacting their academic routines. Despite these challenges, there is no official mandate to close the coaching centers. To address rumors regarding potential closures, Wattan Daily reached out to the heads of these centers for clarification.

In response to the speculation, Ghulam Nabi Var, the president of the Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK), confirmed to Daily Spark news that there have been no official orders to shut down coaching centers. This statement is intended to dispel any misconceptions circulating about the rumored closure of tuition centers across Kashmir. Var’s clarification is crucial in providing clarity amid the ongoing transporters’ strike and its effects on students’ ability to attend coaching sessions.

The difficulties faced by students in reaching coaching centers are directly linked to the transporters’ strike. Ghulam Nabi Var emphasized this point when speaking to Wattan Daily English/Urdu, ensuring that there is no official directive for the closure of coaching centers during this challenging time.

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