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Ministry of education issues guidelines for coaching centres; prohibits intake of students below 16 years

New Delhi, Jan 18 (WD):

The Ministry of Education has introduced new guidelines prohibiting coaching centres from enrolling students below 16 years, making misleading promises, or guaranteeing ranks. These regulations aim to establish a legal framework and address concerns about unregulated private coaching centres.

Coaching centres are now required to ensure tutors hold at least a graduation qualification, refrain from misleading advertisements, and not engage tutors with convictions involving moral turpitude. Additionally, no enrolment is permitted for students below 16, and enrolment should occur only after secondary school examination.

The guidelines emphasize the need for coaching centres to maintain updated websites with information on tutors’ qualifications, courses, duration, hostel facilities, and fees. Due to competition and academic pressure, coaching centres are urged to prioritize students’ mental well-being, offering intervention mechanisms and counselling services.

In light of the mental health framework, tutors are encouraged to undergo training on mental health issues for effective communication with students. The guidelines also address fair tuition fees, pro-rata refunds for mid-course withdrawals, and penalties, including fines up to ₹1 lakh or registration cancellation for malpractices causing undue stress or student suicides.

To ensure compliance, the government proposes a registration process for new and existing centres within three months of the guidelines taking effect. State governments will be responsible for monitoring coaching centres, considering their role in regulating +2 level education.

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