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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, threads down in huge outage across globe

March 5 (WD) On Tuesday, Meta-owned platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, encountered widespread technical issues, causing disruptions for users across the United States, India, and Central Europe. These problems have led to a range of functionalities being affected, with users experiencing difficulties such as login problems and feed refresh issues.

Many users have reported being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts, making it challenging to log back in. Additionally, Instagram users have encountered issues with refreshing their feeds, as stories and comments fail to load for some individuals. Threads, a messaging app developed by Meta, has also been impacted, with users experiencing a complete shutdown and encountering error messages upon attempting to launch the app.

The surge in user reports regarding these technical issues has been notable, particularly on platforms like DownDetector, which tracks internet service outages. Reports rapidly escalated following the onset of the problem, indicating the widespread nature of the disruptions across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

Despite the growing number of complaints from users, Meta has yet to officially acknowledge the problem or provide any updates on the status of resolving these issues. This lack of communication from Meta has left users frustrated and seeking answers regarding the cause and expected duration of the outages.

The login problems and feed refresh issues experienced by users have significantly impacted their ability to access and interact with content on these social media platforms. For many individuals, being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts disrupts their online activities and communication with friends and family.

Similarly, the inability to refresh feeds on Instagram impedes users’ ability to stay updated with the latest posts and engage with content from accounts they follow. The complete shutdown of Threads further compounds these challenges, limiting users’ ability to communicate via the app.

The widespread nature of the technical issues across different regions highlights the scale of the disruptions faced by users of Meta-owned platforms. The outage not only affects individual users but also has broader implications for businesses, influencers, and organizations that rely on these platforms for marketing, communication, and engagement purposes.

As users continue to encounter problems accessing and using Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, there is a growing sense of frustration and concern regarding the reliability and stability of these popular social media platforms.

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