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Weather Update,Met Predicts Rain With Thunderstorm In Valley From

Weather Update: 8th – 17th May 2024

From May 8th to May 10th, the forecast indicates generally dry weather across the region, with the potential for isolated thundershowers in the afternoon or at night in certain areas. This period suggests stable atmospheric conditions with minimal precipitation expected, providing favorable conditions for outdoor activities and agricultural operations.

Moving into May 11th and 12th, the weather outlook shifts as skies are expected to become partly to generally cloudy. This change is accompanied by the likelihood of light rain or snow in higher elevations and thunderstorms in many places. Particularly on May 12th, there is a possibility of moderate rainfall occurring, which could impact outdoor plans and agricultural activities.

May 13th is projected to bring partly to generally cloudy conditions with light rain anticipated at a few locations. While the precipitation is not expected to be significant, it’s essential to remain cautious, especially for those engaging in outdoor activities or planning travel during this period.

Subsequently, from May 14th to 17th, the forecast suggests a return to generally dry weather across the region. These days are anticipated to have stable atmospheric conditions with minimal chances of precipitation, providing a respite from the earlier unsettled weather patterns.

Farmers are advised to suspend farm operations on May 11th and 12th due to the expected weather conditions. This precautionary measure aims to mitigate any potential damage to crops or agricultural infrastructure caused by the forecasted precipitation and thunderstorms.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that hot and dry weather is likely to persist over the plains of Jammu Division during this period. Residents and farmers in these areas should take necessary precautions to stay hydrated and protect crops from heat stress.

This forecast is sourced from the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, which continuously monitors weather patterns and provides timely updates and advisories to help communities prepare for and respond to changing weather conditions.

Stay informed for any further updates or advisories during this period, as weather patterns can sometimes change rapidly, requiring adjustments to planned activities and precautions to ensure safety and well-being.

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