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Weather Update till 26th January

Srinagar, Jan 09 (WD):

Weather Update for Jammu & Kashmir – January 9, 2024

Jammu & Kashmir is expected to experience a prolonged dry spell until January 16, with a notable cloudy evening on the 12th. Following this, weak Western Disturbances are anticipated to impact the region after January 16.

⚠️ Temperature anomalies have been detected, with maximum temperatures exceeding the normal range by 7-8°C at multiple stations in the KMR region. This deviation raises concerns about unseasonable warmth and potential impacts.

Moreover, a cautionary note emphasizes the persistence of dense fog over the plains of Jammu in the next three days. Residents and travelers are urged to exercise caution on the roads and stay informed about any potential disruptions due to this atmospheric condition.

As we navigate this weather scenario, it is crucial for residents and authorities to remain vigilant. The unusual temperature spikes underscore the importance of closely monitoring climate patterns, considering their potential consequences on various aspects of daily life.

Stay tuned for further updates as we monitor the evolving weather conditions in the picturesque landscapes of Jammu & Kashmir.

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