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Weather Update till 03 January, Check here

Srinagar, Dec 24 (WD):

J&K Weather Update – December 24, 2023

At noon on December 24, 2023, Jammu and Kashmir are experiencing generally cloudy conditions in many areas. The day’s weather parameters are provided for detailed reference.

Forecast Highlights:

  • December 24th – 31st: Expect generally dry weather across the region, ensuring a stable climate for residents and visitors. No significant weather events are anticipated during this period.
  • Overall December Outlook: The rest of December is expected to maintain a tranquil weather pattern with no noteworthy disturbances or extreme conditions.
  • January 1st – 3rd, 2024: The outlook for the new year suggests generally cloudy skies with the possibility of light rain or snow at scattered places. Residents are advised to stay updated on local forecasts for any changes in weather conditions during this period.

Current Weather Parameters:
The attached data reflects the current atmospheric conditions, offering valuable insights into factors influencing the weather in Jammu and Kashmir at this specific time.

Meteorological Centre’s Perspective:
The Meteorological Centre emphasizes the stability in weather patterns, assuring residents of a mostly dry and calm end to the year. Despite lingering clouds, the lack of significant weather activity ensures a relatively uneventful transition into the new year.

Precautionary Measures:
Despite generally benign conditions, residents and travelers should stay informed about local weather updates. Being prepared for potential changes in weather, especially during the forecasted period of January 1st – 3rd, can help individuals take necessary precautions.

In conclusion, Jammu and Kashmir can anticipate a peaceful end to December with no major weather disruptions. As 2024 begins, the possibility of light rain or snow prompts a reminder for residents to stay vigilant and tuned to local weather advisories for any developments.

Stay safe and enjoy the pleasant weather conditions in Jammu and Kashmir!

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