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Weather Update, Rain, Hailstorm expected in J&K

Weather Update: 22nd to 25th April Expect generally dry weather with a chance of afternoon and nighttime thundershowers. There’s also a possibility of isolated hailstorm activity in some areas. Farmers are advised to resume farm operations during this period.

26th to 28th April Forecast The weather is anticipated to be generally cloudy with light to moderate rain and snowfall, especially in higher elevations. Thunderstorms are expected in most places during this time.

29th to 30th April Outlook Continuing with cloudy conditions, light rain accompanied by thunder is forecasted in many areas. It’s advisable to stay updated on weather alerts during these days.

Advisory for Farmers Farmers are reminded to stay vigilant and resume farm activities until the 25th of April. It’s crucial to monitor weather updates closely for any changes in conditions.

Precautions for Hailstorm Activity With the possibility of isolated hailstorm activity, residents in vulnerable areas are advised to take necessary precautions to protect crops and property.

Impact on Farming Operations The weather conditions may influence farming activities, so it’s essential for farmers to plan their operations accordingly, considering the forecasted weather patterns.

Stay Informed Stay tuned to local weather authorities for any updates or advisories regarding the weather conditions in your area. Stay safe and prepared for any potential weather-related challenges.

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