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Weather Update, More Rains With Lightning & Hailstorm Expected in Valley

According to the latest weather forecast, residents of Kashmir and some parts of Jammu can expect light to moderate rain accompanied by lightning and hailstorm within the next 12 hours. This weather pattern is likely to affect most areas in Kashmir and a few regions in Jammu. It is advisable for individuals to take necessary precautions and stay indoors during these conditions.

Moreover, a light to moderate snow spell is anticipated over the higher reaches during the same timeframe. This may lead to a temporary change in landscape and could impact travel routes in mountainous areas. Residents in these regions should be prepared for potential disruptions due to the snowfall.

As the weather system progresses, dry weather is expected to prevail from tomorrow onwards across most places in Jammu and Kashmir. This transition indicates a shift in the weather pattern, providing relief from the precipitation and allowing for clearer skies and improved visibility.

It is essential for residents to stay updated on the changing weather conditions and follow any advisories issued by local authorities. Being aware of the forecast can help individuals plan their activities accordingly and ensure their safety during inclement weather.

In conclusion, while the upcoming hours may bring rain, lightning, hailstorm, and snow to specific regions, the outlook for the following days indicates a return to dry weather in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir. By staying informed and prepared, residents can navigate through these weather fluctuations with caution and readiness.

Stay safe and stay informed with the latest updates from Kashmir Weather Forecast.

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