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Weather update, Light Rain & Snow Expected In Coming Day’s

March 10 (WD) Two Western Disturbances are expected to impact Jammu and Kashmir over the next five days, bringing significant changes in weather conditions.

On March 10th, the region will experience generally cloudy weather, setting the stage for potential precipitation in the following days.

Moving to March 11th, there is a chance of light rain or snow in some areas of Jammu and Kashmir, indicating the onset of more active weather patterns.

March 12th is likely to be relatively calm, with only isolated instances of light rain or snow expected in certain spots across the region.

As we progress to March 13th and 14th, the forecast becomes more intense, with widespread light to moderate rain and snowfall anticipated in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Higher elevations are at risk of experiencing heavy snowfall during this period, leading to potential disruptions in transportation and daily activities.

Residents of Jammu and Kashmir are advised to stay informed about local weather updates and warnings to ensure preparedness for the changing weather conditions and possible impacts on daily life.

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