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Weather Update and Forecast: 30th April To 7th May 2024

Weather Update: 30th April 2024

Forecast for the Coming Days:
From 1st to 5th May, anticipate generally dry weather with occasional afternoon and nighttime thundershower activity in a few areas. However, from 6th to 7th May, light rain with thunder is expected at scattered places.

Farmers are advised to resume farm operations from 1st May. However, there may be temporary disruptions in traffic over higher reaches such as Zojila, Sinthan Pass, Mughal Road, Razdan Pass, due to adverse weather conditions. Additionally, waterlogging is expected in a few low-lying areas.

Potential Hazards:
There is a possibility of landslides and shooting stones at vulnerable locations. It’s essential to stay informed about local conditions and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Stay Informed:
Keep monitoring updates from the MET Centre Srinagar for any changes in the weather forecast and advisories. Stay prepared and stay safe amidst changing weather conditions.

As we transition into May, the weather pattern is expected to bring variations, with intermittent rainfall and thunder. Stay cautious, especially if traveling through mountainous terrain, and adhere to advisories for a safe experience.

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