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Weather Alert: Heavy Rainfall Expected in Jammu and Kashmir from

A fresh Western disturbance combined with Monsoon winds is set to bring moderate to heavy rain showers across Jammu and Kashmir in the coming days. This weather pattern is expected to persist for the next 48 hours, bringing significant rainfall to various parts of the region.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is anticipated in most places across Jammu and Kashmir. Notably, certain areas in the Jammu region are likely to experience very heavy rainfall during this period. Residents should be prepared for intense rainfall and potential disruptions.

In the Kashmir valley, the southern regions are expected to bear the brunt of the weather, with moderate to heavy rain showers forecasted. Central and northern parts of Kashmir will also see moderate rain showers over the next two days. This weather will bring much-needed relief from the heat but could also pose challenges for daily activities.

Thunderstorms and lightning are predicted in some parts of the region, adding to the weather’s intensity. These storms could bring very heavy showers for short periods, potentially causing localized flooding and other hazards.

Despite the expected heavy rainfall, it is important to note that no continuous rainfall is forecasted. The rain is expected to come in intermittent bursts, giving periods of respite between showers. This pattern may help in mitigating the risk of prolonged flooding but could still cause temporary disruptions.

Residents are advised to stay informed about the latest weather updates and take necessary precautions. The heavy rain and thunderstorms could lead to waterlogging, traffic disruptions, and potential landslides in hilly areas. It is crucial to plan travel and outdoor activities accordingly.

The authorities and emergency services are on high alert to manage any potential impacts of the weather. People are encouraged to report any emergencies and follow the guidelines issued by local officials to ensure safety.

This weather update underscores the importance of staying prepared and vigilant during the monsoon season. While the rain brings relief and benefits to agriculture, it also demands caution and readiness to deal with its challenges. Stay safe and keep abreast of the latest weather forecasts.

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