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Snowfall Prediction in Kashmir, MeT Deptt issues Advisory

Srinagar, Feb 22 (WD): Forecast: Expect minimal weather activity until February 26th evening. However, from February 27th to 28th, light to moderate rain/snow is likely across scattered to fairly widespread areas. Isolated occurrences may persist on February 29th, followed by scattered to fairly widespread light to moderate rain/snow from March 1st to 3rd.

Advisory: Travelers and tourists are urged to heed administration and traffic police advisories due to anticipated heavy to very heavy snowfall in certain middle and higher reaches. Residents in hilly areas should avoid avalanche-prone and slopy regions, strictly following avalanche warnings. Additionally, there’s an increased risk of landslides, mudslides, and shooting stones, necessitating heightened caution.

Precautionary Measures: Ensure preparedness by stocking up on essentials and staying updated with local advisories. If traveling, check road conditions and follow recommended routes. Take extra precautions in avalanche-prone areas and avoid venturing into remote or hazardous locations. Stay connected with local authorities for real-time updates and emergency assistance if needed.

Safety Tips: Stay indoors during heavy snowfall and avoid unnecessary travel. Keep emergency supplies handy, including food, water, flashlights, and blankets. Clear snow from roofs and walkways to prevent accidents. If driving, maintain a safe distance, drive slowly, and use snow chains if necessary. Be cautious of slippery roads and reduced visibility.

Community Awareness: Spread awareness among friends and neighbors about potential risks and safety measures during adverse weather conditions. Check on vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly or those with special needs, to ensure their well-being. Encourage community cooperation in clearing snow and supporting one another during challenging times.

Emergency Contacts: Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers for local authorities, rescue services, and medical facilities. Report any emergencies or hazardous situations promptly to the relevant authorities. Stay informed about evacuation procedures and designated shelters in case of extreme weather events.

Conclusion: As weather conditions may change rapidly, stay vigilant and proactive in monitoring updates from reliable sources. By taking necessary precautions and staying informed, we can minimize risks and ensure the safety and well-being of ourselves and our communities during inclement weather. Stay safe and be prepared.

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