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Snowfall in Kashmir, Weather Update from 04 Feb to 14th Feb 2024

Srinagar, Feb 04 (WD):

Recent Weather Conditions:
Jammu and Kashmir experienced a serene snowfall in the last 24 hours, with plains receiving 3-6 inches and higher reaches of the Kashmir Division getting 8-12 inches. In Jammu Division, there was light to moderate rain in the plains and snowfall in higher altitudes.

Forecast Highlights:

  • 4th Feb:
  • Generally cloudy conditions with light to moderate snow expected until late afternoon. Weather improvement anticipated thereafter.
  • 5th Feb:
  • Partly to generally cloudy weather with a chance of light snow in isolated higher reaches.
  • 6th-13th Feb:
  • Generally dry weather forecasted, providing relief from recent snowfall.

Advisory Alert:
Authorities advise careful travel planning due to significant snow accumulation. Stay informed and follow advisories for a safe journey.

Meteorological Significance:
Jammu and Kashmir’s diverse weather patterns in winter showcase alternating snowfall and dry spells, creating an enchanting landscape. As the region transitions to a dry spell, clearer skies and milder weather are expected.

The current winter scene in Jammu and Kashmir is captivating with snowy wonder. Travelers should stay updated on advisories for safe navigation. As the weather stabilizes, residents can anticipate a period of respite before the next weather cycle unfolds.

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