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Snowfall in Kashmir, Weather Update for Today

Wattandaily.com Weather Update: Today’s weather forecast brings a mix of precipitation to Jammu and Kashmir, with moderate to heavy rain and snow anticipated throughout the region. In lower areas, the persistent heavy rain might transition into snowfall, while higher elevations are bracing for heavy to very heavy snowfall.

For some plains in the region, rainfall is expected to dominate due to relatively higher temperatures associated with the prevailing weather system.

This variation in precipitation types underscores the diverse conditions across different altitudes within Jammu and Kashmir.

However, alongside the precipitation, there is a heightened risk of landslides and shooting stones along the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. These natural hazards pose potential dangers to commuters and travelers navigating through the region’s roadways.

It’s crucial for residents and travelers to stay updated on weather advisories and road conditions, especially if planning to commute or travel through areas prone to landslides and other weather-related risks.

Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, proper precautions and awareness can help mitigate risks and ensure safety for individuals and communities across Jammu and Kashmir.

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