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Snowfall Alert in Kashmir, Check Confirmed Prediction by MeT for Next 24 hrs

Snowfall in Upper Reaches Over the next 24 hours, the upper reaches of Jammu and Kashmir are expected to remain under the grip of heavy to very heavy snowfall. This prolonged snowfall period could significantly impact travel routes and mountainous regions, urging residents and travelers to exercise caution and be prepared for potential disruptions.

Rainfall in Jammu Plains: Concurrently, the plains of Jammu are poised to receive heavy rainfall, accompanied by gusty winds and thunderstorms. This weather phenomenon could lead to localized flooding, waterlogging, and hazardous road conditions, necessitating vigilant monitoring and preventive measures by authorities and residents alike.

Continued Heavy Rainfall: Across most plains, heavy rainfall is forecasted to persist throughout the next 24 hours. This widespread precipitation event underscores the importance of flood preparedness, drainage maintenance, and emergency response protocols to mitigate any adverse impacts on communities and infrastructure.

Snowfall in Kashmir Plains Additionally, there’s a possibility of snowfall in Kashmir plains, including the capital city of Srinagar. Such occurrences can pose challenges to daily life, necessitating adjustments in transportation, communication, and outdoor activities to ensure safety and well-being amidst changing weather conditions.

Preparedness and Caution As conveyed by the Kashmir Weather Forecast, the forthcoming weather patterns demand heightened preparedness and caution from residents, authorities, and travelers. By staying informed, adhering to safety guidelines, and taking proactive measures, individuals can navigate through the anticipated snowfall, rainfall, and associated weather phenomena with resilience and minimal disruption.

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