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New Western Disturbance Set to Bring Rain and Snow in Kashmir Tomorrow

Srinagar, Feb 25 (WD): fresh western disturbance is anticipated to affect parts of Jammu and Kashmir starting late afternoon tomorrow, according to meteorological reports. The weather forecast indicates the possibility of light rain and snow at fairly widespread locations across the valley. Higher reaches are expected to experience moderate snowfall, with a 50% chance of light snowfall over the plains of the valley.

The weatherman suggests that improvements in weather conditions are likely from the 28th of February onwards. However, there is anticipation of a very strong intensity western disturbance from the night of the 29th of February. This disturbance could potentially bring significant changes in weather patterns and intensify precipitation across the region.

Residents and authorities are advised to stay informed about the evolving weather situation and take necessary precautions. With the likelihood of snowfall in higher altitudes and the possibility of rain in lower areas, travelers and locals should be prepared for possible disruptions in transportation and daily activities.

The upcoming weather system may impact various aspects of life, including agriculture, transportation, and outdoor activities. It is crucial for individuals and communities to stay updated with official weather advisories and prepare accordingly to mitigate any potential risks or inconveniences.

As the western disturbance approaches, it is essential for residents to ensure their safety and well-being by following guidelines provided by local authorities. This includes staying indoors during adverse weather conditions, avoiding unnecessary travel, and taking appropriate measures to protect property and livestock.

Authorities informed Wattan Daily that necessary preparations to respond effectively to any emergencies or disruptions caused by the approaching weather system are in place. This includes mobilizing resources for snow clearance, providing assistance to affected communities, and coordinating with relevant agencies to ensure a coordinated response.

Overall, as the region braces for the impact of the upcoming western disturbance, proactive measures and preparedness efforts are crucial to minimize the potential effects and ensure the safety and welfare of residents in affected areas.(Wattan Daily)

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