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J&K Forecast: Rain Showers Expected from June 30 to July 7

From 30th June to 3rd July, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain or thundershowers at many places in the Jammu Division, particularly towards late night and early morning. In the Kashmir Division, rain or thundershowers are expected at a few places, mainly in the afternoon and evening.

From 4th to 7th July, intermittent light to moderate rainfall is expected at most places in Jammu and Kashmir. A few places may experience heavy showers or rainfall, which could impact travel and daily activities.

Due to the anticipated rainfall, there is a risk of flash floods in certain areas. Landslides, mudslides, and shooting stones are also possible at some vulnerable locations, particularly along steep slopes and mountainous regions.

A few places might experience moderate thunderstorms and lightning. Travelers and residents are advised to take necessary precautions to stay safe during these weather events.

The MET Centre in Srinagar advises residents and travelers to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and heed any warnings or advisories issued. Preparation and caution can help mitigate the risks associated with these weather conditions.

People living in or traveling through hilly areas should be especially vigilant for signs of landslides or shooting stones. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary travel during heavy rainfall and to seek shelter if caught in a thunderstorm.

For those in low-lying areas, being aware of the potential for flash floods and having a plan in place can help ensure safety. Keeping emergency supplies and staying informed about local conditions are recommended.

Overall, while the weather forecast includes periods of rain and possible thunderstorms, taking proper precautions can help manage the impact and ensure safety for residents and travelers in Jammu and Kashmir.

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