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Eid Weather Forecast for Jammu and Kashmir: April 9th – 16th

As Eid approaches, the weather forecast for Jammu and Kashmir offers a mix of conditions. On April 9th, predominantly dry weather is anticipated throughout the region. Moving into the 10th, the day is expected to begin with dry conditions, but by late afternoon or evening, rain or thunderstorms may develop in certain areas.

Looking ahead to April 11th, skies are predicted to be partly cloudy with potential rain showers scattered across many parts of Jammu and Kashmir. However, overall, nothing extraordinary is anticipated during this day. On April 12th, dry weather is forecasted to prevail across the region once again, providing some relief from the preceding days’ potential precipitation.

Impending Weather Changes: April 13-16:Beyond April 12th, a fresh western disturbance is on the horizon, expected to arrive from April 13th onwards and persist until the 16th. Under its influence, widespread rain or snowfall is anticipated across most areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, further updates regarding the intensity and exact locations of these weather phenomena will be provided in the coming days as the situation develops. As Eid celebrations approach, staying informed about these weather patterns can help individuals plan their festivities and activities accordingly.

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