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Muslim man assaulted in Noida for seeking donations for mosque

In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, a man collecting donations for a mosque was reportedly assaulted by a drunk individual in Salarpur village on Tuesday. The incident occurred around 12:20 pm, drawing a crowd to the scene. Local authorities, including the police and senior officials from Noida, arrived to manage the situation and ease tensions.

Abdul Aziz, hailing from Bihar’s Kishanganj, was allegedly attacked by a local resident named Neeraj Bhatti. DCP Vidya Sagar Mishra stated that the 35-year-old victim was subjected to assault and derogatory remarks by the 45-year-old accused. Following a complaint from Aziz, the police took Bhatti into custody, with an FIR filed against him. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Reportedly intoxicated during the incident, the accused grabbed Aziz by his beard, prompting intervention from locals and the subsequent involvement of law enforcement. DCP Mishra, along with other officers, swiftly arrived at the scene to control the situation and disperse the gathering crowd. Several video clips capturing the incident circulated on social media platforms.

Legal proceedings are currently underway as the police continue their investigation into the matter. The assault on the donation collector has raised concerns, shedding light on the need for community vigilance and prompt action against such acts of violence.

The incident underscores the importance of maintaining law and order to ensure the safety and security of individuals within society.

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