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Aadhaar Alert: How Many Times Can You Tweak Name, Address, Date of Birth

Update in Aadhaar Card Information Becomes More Stringent

New Delhi, January 30, 2024 – Wattandaily.com brings you essential updates regarding Aadhaar card modifications. For individuals contemplating changes to their Aadhaar details, be aware that the process has become more stringent. UIDAI has implemented measures to limit alterations, particularly concerning name and date of birth adjustments, aiming to prevent misuse of Aadhaar cards.

UIDAI, the authority responsible for Aadhaar issuance, facilitates easy updates for citizens nationwide. However, there are now stricter guidelines in place. While various details such as name, date of birth, gender, address, and registered mobile number can be modified, UIDAI has imposed restrictions on the frequency of changes.

Documentation Requirements for Updates

UIDAI has specified the documents necessary for Aadhaar updates, particularly for changes like name and date of birth. The organization has streamlined the process by reducing the number of required documents. For altering the date of birth on an Aadhaar card, only six documents are accepted: passport, government employee record, pension record, educational certificate, transgender certificate, and birth certificate.

Limitations on Corrections

Individuals seeking corrections, such as name spelling errors or surname changes post-marriage, are limited in their opportunities. Name changes are permitted twice, both through online and offline channels. Similarly, gender corrections are limited to one instance, while date of birth amendments are also restricted to one occurrence. However, certain details like home address, email ID, mobile number, photo, fingerprint, and retina scan can be updated multiple times.

Stay informed with Wattandaily.com for the latest updates on Aadhaar card regulations and procedures.

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