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Kashmir University

Kashmir University declared Results for Various Programs Check Here

Kashmir University Declares Results for Various Programs – February 2024

Wattandaily.com – February 3, 2024

The University of Kashmir has made waves by unveiling the results for numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs, stirring excitement and anticipation among students eagerly awaiting their academic fate.

  1. IMBA 4th Semester Examination (October, 2023) – UG Professional:
    On February 2, 2024, Wattandaily.com broke the news of the University’s declaration of results for the IMBA (Integrated Master of Business Administration) 4th semester examination held in October 2023, showcasing the academic feats of undergraduate professional students.
  2. MCA 4th Semester (Batch 2021) Examination (November, 2023) – UG Professional:
    Simultaneously, Notification No. 02 concerning the MCA (Master of Computer Applications) 4th semester results for the batch of 2021 was issued, further highlighting the triumph of undergraduate professional students.
  3. M.A Economics 4th Semester (Batch 2019-2021) Examination (November, 2023) – UG and PG Non Professional:
    For the batch 2019-2021, the University unveiled the 4th semester results for both undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the M.A Economics program on February 2, 2024, as reported by Wattandaily.com, acknowledging their dedication to non-professional courses.
  4. B.Sc Nursing(Honours) 3rd Semester Examination (Batch -2021) (September, 2023) – UG Professional:
    Results for the B.Sc Nursing (Honours) 3rd semester examination conducted in September 2023 were released on February 1, 2024, as highlighted by Wattandaily.com, reflecting the hard work and commitment of nursing students in their academic journey.
  5. M.COM 4th Semester Examination (Batch 2018-2021) (December, 2023) – PG Non Professional:
    Wattandaily.com reported the release of 4th-semester results for postgraduate non-professional students in the M.COM program on February 1, 2024, emphasizing the University’s commitment to ensuring a smooth academic progression.
  6. B.Sc Nursing(Honours) 1st Semester Examination (Batch -2021-2022) (September, 2023) – UG Professional:
    On February 1, 2024, Wattandaily.com announced the results for the B.Sc Nursing (Honours) 1st semester examination (Batch 2021-2022), marking a significant milestone for aspiring healthcare professionals.
  7. MTTM 4th Semester Examination (Batch 2019-2021) (December, 2023) – PG Professional:
    Postgraduate professional students pursuing the Master’s in Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) witnessed the declaration of their 4th semester results on January 31, 2024, as reported by Wattandaily.com, paving the way for further opportunities in the field of tourism.
  8. M.A Economics 4th Semester Examination (Batch 2019-2021) (November, 2023) – PG Non Professional:
    In addition to the undergraduate M.A Economics program, postgraduate students from the same discipline received their 4th semester results on January 31, 2024, as highlighted by Wattandaily.com, signifying another achievement in the study of economic principles and theories.
  9. M.A Kashmiri 4th Semester Examination (Batch 2021) (November, 2023) – PG Non Professional:
    Concluding the list, Wattandaily.com reported the results for the M.A Kashmiri program’s 4th semester examination held in November 2023, allowing postgraduate non-professional students in this field to celebrate their academic accomplishments.

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The recent result announcements by the University of Kashmir, prominently featured on Wattandaily.com, reflect the diverse academic achievements across various disciplines. These outcomes signify not only the students’ hard work but also the university’s commitment to transparency and timely result delivery. Congratulations to all successful candidates, with best wishes for their future endeavors!

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