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Traffic Alert: Heavy Challan/Fines Await for Vehicle Modifications – New Rules

Srinagar, Jan 26 (WD):

Traffic Alert: Heavy Fines Await for Vehicle Modifications – New Rules

In the realm of vehicle customization, caution is crucial to avoid substantial fines. While many enthusiasts aim to make their cars stand out, not all modifications comply with the law. Wattan Daily highlights common alterations that can lead to penalties.

Alert: Unveiling Illegal Vehicle Modifications

Have you ever wondered why some cars are pulled over while others breeze through? Traffic police, relying on their instincts, target vehicles violating regulations. If your car features unauthorized modifications, brace yourself for a fine.

Illegal Vehicle Modifications Exposed

Colored Glass: Decorating your vehicle with tinted glass violates traffic rules. The police promptly catch this offense, fining those with less than 75% visibility for the rear window and 50% for side windows.

Fancy Horns: The temptation of a flashy siren or pressure horn may be strong, but installing one will lead to the police stopping you and issuing a fine for an illegal amendment.

Car Silencers: Thinking of grabbing attention with a unique car sound? Think twice. Fancy silencers may make your vehicle stand out, but they also result in a fine without any benefit.

Wrong Number Plates: Tampered or illegible number plates spell trouble. Even altering the registration number can lead to a police stop and subsequent fine.

Bumper Guards or Bull Bars: Traffic rules prohibit the installation of bumper guards or bull bars. If the police spot these, be prepared for a stop and a fine.

Wattan Daily strongly advises against such modifications to ensure a smooth ride without legal turbulence. Remember, minor tweaks like alloy wheels and leather seat covers are acceptable, but crossing the line may cost you more than just attention. Stay informed, stay legal, and visit wattandaily.com for further insights into responsible vehicle ownership.

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