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Big News related to 1200 Posts including Naib Tehsildar, Referral to JKSSB

Srinagar, Dec 23 (WD):

A recent claim circulating on social media alleging that 1200 posts, including the position of Naib Tehsildar, referred to the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) is deemed fake news. Our sources have confirmed that this information is entirely baseless, and the widespread circulation on social media platforms is misleading.

It is crucial to rely on credible sources and verified information channels to avoid the dissemination of false or misleading news. In this case, the assertion that 1200 posts, particularly for the position of Naib Tehsildar, were referred to JKSSB is unfounded.

The spread of misinformation can have significant consequences, causing confusion and concern among the public. To ensure accurate reporting and maintain public trust, it is essential to cross-verify information before sharing it on social media platforms.

As responsible consumers of news, it is recommended to seek information from official channels and authoritative sources to prevent the inadvertent spread of false information. The claim regarding 1200 referred posts to JKSSB, including Naib Tehsildar, has been debunked, and individuals are advised to be cautious about the information they consume and share on social media.

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