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Tragic Leopard Attack Leaves 4-Year-Old Dead in

Srinagar, Jun 05 (WD): In a heart-wrenching incident, a 4-year-old boy was killed by a leopard in the Zamboora Pattan area of Uri in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district. The young victim has been identified as Junaid Ahmed Qurashi, son of Zameer Ahmad Qurashi. The attack took place near the boy’s house this afternoon, sending shockwaves through the community.

An official from the area reported to the Wattan daily that the leopard attacked Junaid while he was playing outside. The ferocious animal dragged the minor boy into nearby bushes, causing immediate panic among the residents. This tragic event underscores the increasing human-wildlife conflicts in the region, which have become a significant concern for local authorities and residents alike.

Upon receiving the distressing report, both Police and Army units quickly launched a rescue operation. The search lasted almost two hours, with officials and community members frantically combing through the area in hopes of finding the boy alive. Unfortunately, their efforts led to the discovery of Junaid with severe injuries inflicted by the leopard.

Junaid was immediately rushed to the Sub-District Hospital (SDH) in Uri. Despite the urgent medical attention, doctors declared him dead on arrival. The death of such a young child has left the community in mourning, highlighting the dangers posed by wild animals encroaching into human settlements.

This incident has raised alarm among the residents of Uri and surrounding areas, prompting calls for better wildlife management and safety measures. The local authorities are now under pressure to take swift action to prevent such tragedies in the future. The community is urging for more effective measures to protect children and others from similar attacks.

In response to the incident, wildlife officials are likely to increase their efforts in tracking and managing the leopard population in the region. The delicate balance between wildlife conservation and human safety is once again in the spotlight, demanding immediate and effective strategies to mitigate risks.

The family of Junaid Ahmed Qurashi is now grappling with an unimaginable loss. Support from neighbors and local organizations is pouring in as they try to come to terms with the devastating event. The entire district stands in solidarity with the bereaved family during this difficult time.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the need for heightened vigilance and improved safety protocols in areas where human-wildlife encounters are becoming increasingly common. The authorities are expected to review and enhance their strategies to ensure such heart-breaking incidents do not repeat, ensuring the safety of the community’s youngest and most vulnerable members.

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