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TDA Advises Schools to Avoid Weekend Excursions to Gulmarg, Mandates Prior Permission

The Tourism Development Authority (TDA) has issued a directive to schools, advising them to avoid scheduling excursions to Gulmarg on Saturdays and Sundays. This advisory comes in response to the heavy influx of tourists and locals during weekends, which leads to overcrowding and logistical challenges.

In a communiqué addressed to the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), the Gulmarg Chief Executive Officer (CEO) emphasized the need for schools to plan their visits during weekdays. This recommendation is aimed at ensuring a more manageable and pleasant experience for both the schools and the local authorities.

The communiqué highlights the limited carrying capacity and parking spaces available at Gulmarg. The CEO noted that accommodating a large number of school buses during weekends is particularly challenging, often resulting in buses being parked on greens, which is not only a punishable act but also a matter of concern for environmental preservation.

To mitigate these issues, the TDA has suggested that schools limit the number of buses to fewer than four per excursion. This measure is intended to alleviate traffic congestion and parking problems, which are exacerbated when schools arrive with a large fleet of buses.

Furthermore, the TDA has stressed the importance of maintaining cleanliness and avoiding littering during school excursions. Schools are advised to adhere to proper waste management practices, as littering is considered a punishable offense and has detrimental effects on the environment.

The directive also mandates that schools planning excursions to Gulmarg must apply for permission at least one week in advance. This advance notice is necessary to ensure proper coordination and management of resources by the Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA).

The communiqué concludes by reiterating that obtaining permission from the GDA is mandatory for any school planning an excursion to Gulmarg. This requirement aims to regulate the number of visitors and maintain order during peak tourist seasons.

Overall, the TDA’s advisory seeks to balance the interests of tourists, locals, and school groups by encouraging better planning and responsible behavior during excursions to Gulmarg.

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