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Soldier Killed, 4 Injured as Army Vehicle Falls into Gorge in

Rajouri/Jammu, Jun 13: In a tragic incident, an army personnel lost his life and four others sustained injuries when their vehicle skidded off the road and plunged into a gorge in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. The accident occurred on Thursday evening near Bhawani village in the Nowshera sector, which is close to the Line of Control (LoC), officials reported.

The army vehicle was navigating the challenging terrain of the Nowshera sector when the mishap took place. The exact cause of the vehicle skidding off the road is still under investigation, but preliminary reports suggest that the condition of the road and possible mechanical failure could be contributing factors. The incident underscores the harsh and risky conditions that military personnel often face in this region.

Immediately after the accident, rescue operations were launched to retrieve the soldiers from the gorge. Despite the difficult terrain, the rescuers managed to reach the vehicle and extricate the five soldiers who were inside. The injured soldiers were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Tragically, one of the soldiers was declared brought dead upon arrival at the hospital. The identities of the deceased and injured soldiers have not been released, pending notification of their families. The condition of the four injured soldiers varies, with medical teams working diligently to provide the necessary care and treatment.

This incident highlights the perils that soldiers face even outside combat situations, especially in regions with difficult geographical and climatic conditions. The Nowshera sector, being close to the LoC, is known for its rugged terrain, which poses additional challenges for military operations and transportation.

Senior army officials have expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased soldier and assured that all possible medical support is being provided to the injured. They also emphasized the need for thorough investigations to determine the exact cause of the accident and to prevent such incidents in the future.

In the wake of the incident, there has been an outpouring of sympathy and support from the local community and fellow soldiers. The loss of a comrade is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by military personnel in the line of duty, whether on the battlefield or during routine operations.

As investigations continue, the army is likely to review safety protocols and road conditions in the area to enhance the safety of their personnel. The tragic accident serves as a somber reminder of the inherent risks in military service and the continuous need for vigilance and safety measures.

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