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SKIMS Implements QR Code System to Streamline Payment Processes

SRINAGAR: In a bid to enhance efficiency and streamline payment processes, SKIMS (Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences) in Srinagar has Introduced a QR Code system at its payment counters. This initiative, propelled by directives from the Secretary of Health and Medical Education, aims to expedite transactions across the hospital, ultimately improving patient care services.

According to the latest developments, SKIMS currently offers QR Code-enabled online payments at one counter within its Outpatient Department (OPD) service area. The introduction of this technology is poised to revolutionize payment procedures, with plans to extend the QR Code facility to every counter within the hospital premises already underway.

Medical Superintendent at SKIMS, underscored the institution’s commitment to enhancing patient experiences by reducing payment-related delays. Collaboration with stakeholders is actively ongoing to ensure the seamless integration of the QR Code system, reflecting SKIMS’ dedication to modernizing its payment infrastructure.

Moreover, SKIMS has further bolstered its payment options by implementing Point of Sale (POS) machines across all cash counters in the OPD and pharmacy sections. This comprehensive approach aims to provide patients and visitors with convenient and efficient payment methods, aligning with SKIMS’ overarching mission to optimize operational efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.

The adoption of the QR Code system and POS machines represents a significant step forward for SKIMS, marking a pivotal moment in its efforts to embrace technology and improve the overall healthcare experience for all stakeholders.

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