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Road Accident in North Kashmir Pedestrian Died Onspot

A tragic road accident occurred in Pattan, North Kashmir, claiming the life of a 60-year-old man on Friday morning. The incident involved a Bolero load carrier vehicle that struck the pedestrian, identified as Gh Hassan Dar, son of Mohammad Jaffer Dar from Kp Bala Singhpura.

An official from the Kashmir Scroll news agency reported that the accident took place when the vehicle, bearing registration number JK04F 1257, hit Gh Hassan Dar. The impact resulted in severe injuries to the pedestrian.

Immediately following the accident, Gh Hassan Dar was rushed to the Trauma Hospital in Pattan for urgent medical treatment. Despite the efforts of the medical staff, he was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Authorities have initiated medico-legal formalities to process the case and establish the exact circumstances surrounding the accident. This step is crucial for legal documentation and further investigation.

The official confirmed that the driver responsible for the accident has been arrested. This arrest is part of the standard procedure to ensure accountability and to facilitate a thorough investigation into the incident.

Additionally, the vehicle involved in the accident has been seized by the authorities. This action ensures that the vehicle is available for any necessary forensic examinations that may aid in the investigation.

The community in Pattan has been left in shock and mourning due to the sudden and tragic loss of Gh Hassan Dar. Road safety and the enforcement of traffic regulations have become a pressing concern for the local residents in the wake of this accident.

This incident highlights the critical importance of road safety measures and the need for drivers to exercise caution, particularly in areas with high pedestrian traffic. The authorities are expected to enhance their efforts to prevent such accidents in the future and ensure the safety of all road users.

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