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Properties of Two Terror Handlers Based in Pakistan Attached

Srinagar, May 28 (WD): In a significant move, the police in Baramulla have attached properties belonging to two terror handlers based in Pakistan. The properties, consisting of 3 Kanals and 19 Marlas of land, are worth lacs and have been seized following an attachment order passed by the Hon’ble Sub Judge Uri.

The police, in a statement to the News Agency Wattan Daily, identified the terror handlers as Jalal Din, son of Raj Mohd, a resident of Zamboor Pattan, and Mohd Saki, son of Mastana Bhatti, a resident of Kamalkote Uri. Both individuals are currently based in Pakistan and have been linked to various terror activities.

Properties of Two Terror Handlers Based in Pakistan Attached

The action was taken under sections of 83 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) and is associated with case FIR No.34/1995 under sections 7/25 of the Indian Arms Act, sections 4(III) of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA), and case No.105/1996 under sections 2/3 of the Enemy Agents Ordinance (EIMCO) Act of Police Station Uri.

According to the police, the properties were identified as belonging to the terror handlers during the course of a detailed investigation and enquiry. This operation marks a crucial step in disrupting the financial and logistical networks of terror operatives based outside India.

The police emphasized that this action reaffirms their commitment to combating terror activities and ensuring the safety and security of the region. By seizing the assets of these terror handlers, the authorities aim to cut off support and resources that facilitate terrorist activities.

Such operations are part of a broader strategy to counter terrorism and dismantle the networks that support and sustain it. The police have been vigilant in identifying and targeting the assets of individuals involved in terror activities, sending a strong message that these actions will not go unpunished.

The seizure of properties also serves as a warning to those who support or engage in terrorism, highlighting that the state is prepared to take stringent measures against anyone found to be involved. This action is expected to have a deterrent effect, discouraging others from providing aid to terrorist elements.

Overall, the attachment of properties belonging to these two terror handlers is a significant achievement for the police in Baramulla, showcasing their resolve and effectiveness in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

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