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Post-2019, No Call for Boycott, Still Object to Poll Misrepresentation.Mirwaiz

Kashmir’s prominent figure, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, reiterated his commitment to pursue a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir issue, refraining from calling for a boycott of elections, unlike in the past. He pointed out that the significant changes made by the Indian government in 2019 have altered the dynamics of the Kashmir problem, making a boycott seem ineffective in the current context. Mirwaiz expressed trust in the political maturity of the people of J&K to decide their course of action.

Highlighting the historical context, Mirwaiz explained the Hurriyat’s stance on elections, emphasizing that they never opposed the concept of elections outright. However, their reservations lie in the misrepresentation of these polls by the Indian government as a reflection of the people’s will regarding the Kashmir conflict. This discrepancy led to their previous calls for boycotts.

Mirwaiz recalled the tumultuous history of Kashmir since 1947, marked by conflicts and unresolved disputes between India and Pakistan. Despite numerous attempts, a final settlement to the Kashmir issue remains elusive, leaving the region and its people divided. The Hurriyat, established in 1993, advocates for a political resolution through peaceful dialogue and cooperation, respecting the aspirations of the people of J&K.

As the elections in Srinagar approach, Mirwaiz’s house arrest and the prohibition of congregational prayers at Jama Masjid indicate ongoing tensions and restrictions imposed by the authorities. Despite these challenges, Mirwaiz’s commitment to peaceful methods of resolution remains steadfast, emphasizing the importance of respecting the democratic principles and will of the people in finding a solution to the Kashmir issue.

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