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Police Crack Burglary Case, Arrest 2 Suspects Involved in the Crime

On June 23, 2024, the Police Post Humhama in Budgam received a complaint from Asrar Gul, a resident of LD Colony Sanat Nagar, reporting a burglary at his residence. He stated that during the Eid ul Azha celebrations, he had hired a lady for cleaning purposes, and it was suspected that she had stolen some gold ornaments from his house. The incident was promptly registered under FIR No. 244/2024 at the Budgam Police Station.

Subsequently, the police initiated an investigation into the matter. During the course of the inquiry, the suspect, identified as Ruby Begum, wife of Gh Hassan Khan and a resident of Gogipora Kanihama Nowgam, was brought in for questioning. Upon interrogation, she confessed to the theft. As a result of her disclosure, a portion of the stolen gold items was recovered.

Further revelations emerged from Ruby Begum’s confession. She revealed that she had sold some of the stolen jewelry to a goldsmith named Parvaiz Ahmad Bhat, son of Late Gh Nabi Bhat and a resident of Tailbal Road Rashi Mohalla Shalimar in Srinagar. Acting on this information, the police arrested both Ruby Begum and Parvaiz Ahmad Bhat in connection with the burglary.

During the arrests, the police successfully recovered stolen gold ornaments worth approximately 4 lakh rupees from their possession. The case is still under investigation as the authorities work to gather more evidence and information related to the crime. The swift action taken by the Budgam Police in solving this burglary case demonstrates their commitment to upholding the law and ensuring justice for the victims of such crimes.

The successful resolution of this case serves as a reminder of the importance of prompt and thorough police work in addressing criminal activities within communities. It also highlights the significance of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and community members in maintaining safety and security. The recovery of the stolen gold items will provide relief to the victim, Asrar Gul, and his family, and it sends a strong message that criminal behavior will not go unpunished.

The Budgam Police’s dedication to resolving this case showcases their determination to maintain law and order in the region. It also underscores the need for continued vigilance and collaboration between law enforcement and citizens to prevent and address criminal activities effectively. The ongoing investigation will likely shed further light on the details of the burglary, ultimately leading to justice being served.

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