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Police Attaches Property of Drug Peddlers Worth 7.5 Million Rupees in North Kashmir

Police in Handwara have launched a stringent campaign against drug peddlers and terrorist handlers in the region, leading to significant property seizures and legal actions. Over the past five months, property worth 7.5 million rupees belonging to drug peddlers has been attached, demonstrating the authorities’ resolve in combating narcotics trade.

The campaign has targeted individuals involved in drug peddling, with police initiating strict actions against those profiting from illegal narcotics. Properties acquired through illicit means have been identified and seized, aiming to dismantle the economic foundations of the drug trade.

Investigations revealed that several drug peddlers in Handwara had amassed significant assets through illegal activities. In ten cases registered against four known drug peddlers, properties valued at approximately Rs 73,52,831 have been attached this year. This action underscores the commitment to curbing the narcotics trade.

In addition to property seizures, preventive detention under the PIT NDPS Act has been invoked against eight individuals with histories of involvement in the drug trade. This measure aims to prevent further illegal activities and serve as a deterrent to others.

Parallel to actions against drug peddlers, the police have targeted terrorist handlers declared as proclaimed offenders. Properties owned by these individuals have been attached, amounting to nearly 3.5 Kanals of land. This step is part of a broader effort to disrupt support networks for terrorist activities.

Four terrorist handlers, wanted for various terror-related offenses and deemed absconders by the court, have had their properties identified and seized. This legal action follows a thorough process of property identification and attachment, reinforcing the rule of law.

The campaign against terrorist handlers is ongoing, with actions in progress against 51 other proclaimed offenders involved in terrorism cases. Authorities are working diligently to identify and seize properties owned by these individuals to weaken the financial underpinnings of terrorist operations.

To further impede terrorist activities, the District Magistrate of Handwara has been asked to mark red entries in revenue records against these handlers operating from PoK. This measure aims to prevent the liquidation of their assets and restrict their utility within the terror ecosystem, thereby bolstering regional security efforts.

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