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Police Attached Two-Story Residential House Belonging To Terror Associate in South Kashmir

Anantnag, June 13: In a significant crackdown on terrorist activities, Anantnag Police today executed the attachment of a two-story residential house belonging to terror associate Riyaz Ahmad Bhat, son of Gh Nabi Bhat, a resident of Lohar Senzi Gadole. This decisive action is part of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to dismantle the support networks that facilitate terrorism.

The attachment was carried out under the provisions of Section 25 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. The operation was sanctioned after receiving confirmation from the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir, ensuring that all legal protocols were adhered to before proceeding with this critical measure.

The property is linked to FIR No. 109/2023, which encompasses a range of serious charges including Sections 307 IPC, 3/4 Explosive Substances Act, and various sections of the UA(P) Act such as 16, 18, 20, 38, and 39. These charges highlight the gravity of the offenses and the importance of targeting assets used to aid terrorist activities.

By attaching the property, the Anantnag Police aim to disrupt the financial and logistical networks that support terrorism. This move reaffirms their commitment to combating terrorism and sends a clear message that those who support or engage in such activities will face severe consequences.

The action taken against Riyaz Ahmad Bhat’s property is part of a broader strategy to choke the financial resources and logistical support that enable terrorist operations. By depriving terror associates of their assets, the authorities hope to weaken their operational capabilities significantly.

This operation underscores the relentless efforts of the Anantnag Police and other law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and stability in the region. By targeting the infrastructure that supports terrorism, they aim to create a safer environment for the residents of Anantnag and its surrounding areas.

The attachment of the property is a testament to the dedication of the Anantnag Police to uphold the rule of law and ensure that those who seek to disrupt the peace are held accountable. It also serves as a deterrent to others who might consider engaging in or supporting terrorist activities.

In conclusion, the Anantnag Police’s action in attaching the two-story house of a terror associate is a significant step towards dismantling the support structures of terrorism. It demonstrates the authorities’ unwavering resolve to combat terrorism and protect the peace and stability of the district.

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