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Police Attach Properties of Five Terror Handlers Worth Crores in North Kashmir

Srinagar, June 27 : Police in Baramulla have successfully attached properties totaling 9 Kanals of land, valued in crores, belonging to five terror handlers based in Pakistan. This action follows an attachment order issued by the Hon’ble Court in Baramulla.

The individuals identified by the police include Bashir Ahmad Ganie, son of Gh Ahmad and resident of Tilgam; Mehraj ud din Lone, son of Fata Mohd and resident of Khargam; Ghulam Mohd Yatoo, son of Gh Ahmad and resident of Tilgam; Ab Rehman Bhat, son of Mohd Subhan and resident of Wanigam Payeen; and Ab Rashid Lone, son of Gh Mohiuddin and resident of Satreseeran.

According to the news agency Kashmir Scroll, the properties belonging to these individuals were attached as part of ongoing efforts to combat terrorism in the region. This decisive action underscores the authorities’ dedication to curbing the activities of those involved in terror-related activities.

The police stated that the action was carried out under sections of 83 CRPC, linked with case FIR No.04/2008 under sections 2/3 of the EIMCO Act, 7/25 of the Indian Arms Act, and 13 of the UA (P) Act of Police Station Kreeri.

During the investigation and inquiry conducted by the police, the properties were identified as belonging to these terror handlers. This significant step is expected to disrupt the operations and financial networks of these handlers.

The operation demonstrates the commitment of the police to tackling terror activities and ensuring the safety and security of the region. By targeting the assets of those involved in terrorism, the authorities aim to weaken their influence and capabilities.

The attachment of properties not only serves as a punitive measure but also as a warning to others involved in similar activities. It sends a clear message that the police will take all necessary actions to combat terrorism.

This operation marks another milestone in the ongoing efforts to maintain peace and security in Baramulla and its surrounding areas. The police continue to work diligently to identify and neutralize threats posed by terror handlers and their networks.

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