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Police Arrest 178 Drug Peddlers and Seize Contraband Worth Rs 52 Crore

Police in Baramulla district, Jammu and Kashmir, have made significant strides in combating the drug menace, arresting 178 drug peddlers and seizing contraband worth Rs 52 crore over the past six months. This crackdown falls under the ongoing Drug-Free Baramulla campaign initiated in January 2024.

In their aggressive campaign against drug-related activities, the police have registered 105 cases under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act during this period. Among those arrested, 45 have been identified as hard-core drug peddlers and booked under the PIT NDPS Act. Additionally, 15 vehicles used in the commission of these crimes have been seized.

The police have also made substantial recoveries of contraband and psychotropic substances, valued at Rs 52 crore in the black market. This highlights the scale of the drug trafficking problem in the region and the significant impact of the police’s efforts to disrupt these illegal activities.

Further strengthening their fight against drug trafficking, Baramulla Police have attached illegal properties belonging to 12 notorious drug peddlers. These properties, valued at Rs 5.72 crore, include seven residential houses, one shopping complex, five vehicles, and two land plots, underscoring the comprehensive nature of the police’s approach.

The commitment of Baramulla Police to confront and dismantle drug smuggling networks is evident not only in their arrests and seizures but also in their efforts to seize both movable and immovable property involved in illicit trafficking. This dual approach aims to cripple the financial foundations of drug peddlers, making it harder for them to continue their operations.

In addition to enforcement actions, Baramulla Police have also been proactive in raising awareness about drug abuse. They have organized 19 drug awareness camps in various educational institutions, villages, and other community areas across the district. These initiatives aim to educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse and strategies for prevention.

Resource persons from the Police Drug De-addiction Centre Baramulla have played a crucial role in these awareness programs. They have delivered lectures to students, community members, and religious leaders, including imams, to spread knowledge about the harmful effects of drugs and the importance of staying drug-free.

The ongoing efforts of the Baramulla Police reflect a holistic approach to tackling the drug problem in the district. By combining stringent enforcement measures with educational outreach, they aim to create a safer, drug-free community for all residents.

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