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PDD Updates Power Curtailment Schedule in J&K

Please be informed of the recent changes to the power curtailment schedule in your respective areas:

Smart Metered Areas: The curtailment schedule has been revised to 9 hours starting from today. Please plan your energy usage accordingly during this period.

Non-Metered Areas: Residents in non-metered areas will now experience a 12-hour curtailment schedule. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this extended timeframe.

VIP Areas: Special arrangements have been made for VIP areas, where the curtailment schedule has been limited to 4 hours. Your patience and support are valued as we strive to minimize disruptions in these regions.

These adjustments are necessary to ensure the equitable distribution of energy resources and to manage demand efficiently. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these new schedules.

Please organize your activities around these curtailment hours to mitigate any inconvenience. Moreover, we encourage everyone to adopt energy-saving practices to reduce reliance on grid power during curtailment periods.

For further assistance or inquiries, please reach out to your local power utility provider. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter. Let’s work together towards a sustainable energy future.

Stay informed and prepared as we navigate through these adjustments together.

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