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Newlyweds and First-Time Voters Lead Early Turnout in Lok Sabha Elections

In Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, the spirit of democracy was alive as first-time voters and newlyweds cast their ballots in the early hours of the Lok Sabha election’s first phase. Among them, Kapil Gupta, newly married just the day before, donned his sherwani to fulfill his civic duty, emphasizing the importance of voting. Accompanied by friends in traditional attire, he set an early example for others to follow.

Similarly, Sahil and Radhika, another newly married couple, showed up in wedding attire to vote, exemplifying their commitment to democracy. Despite her vote being elsewhere, Radhika accompanied her husband to the polling station, intending to fulfill her democratic responsibility later in the day. Their dedication amidst the joyous occasion of their wedding is a testament to the significance of voting.

The contest in Udhampur is crucial, with 12 candidates vying for victory, including Union Minister Jitendra Singh seeking re-election for his third consecutive term. Facing a formidable challenge from Congress candidate Choudhary Lal Singh, and with the presence of DPAP candidate G M Saroori, the electoral battle promises to be intense. Despite heavy rainfall in Kathua district, voters remained undeterred, flocking to polling stations to cast their votes.

For many, like Vanshika Sharma, casting their first vote symbolizes a milestone of adulthood and civic responsibility. Despite adverse weather conditions, voters like Meenakshi and Mool Raj expressed satisfaction with the polling arrangements and eagerly participated in the electoral process. Each vote cast, as emphasized by voter Ashish Kumar, represents a choice for the candidate who can contribute to the development of the district and the nation.

Ultimately, as Meenakshi Devi aptly stated, every vote contributes to the nation’s development, underscoring the significance of democratic participation in shaping the country’s future.

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