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NC and PDP Exploit Kashmir for Personal Gain: Arshad Bhat

Pulwama, 20 April: In a fiery statement, social activist and BJP leader Arshad Bhat launched a scathing attack on regional parties National Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), accusing them of exploiting the Kashmir issue for their own political agendas Bhat asserted that both NC and PDP have contributed to the perpetuation of terrorism in the region, lamenting their role in arming young individuals and fostering an environment of distrust in democracy over the past seven decades.

Highlighting the detrimental impact of their governance, Bhat pointed out how these parties have systematically depleted the resources of Jammu and Kashmir, plunging its socio-economic fabric into disarray and leaving the youth disillusioned.

“Let me paint a stark picture for you: NC and PDP have ravaged Kashmir for decades, leaving behind a trail of broken promises and shattered dreams,” declared Bhat, his voice resonating with passion. “For too long, they have exploited our beloved land for their own selfish gains, betraying the trust of our people and jeopardizing the future of generations to come.”

Addressing the multitude of challenges faced by the people of Kashmir under the rule of NC and PDP, Bhat listed a litany of grievances ranging from fake encounters and corruption to the glorification of anti-social acts and election rigging. He underscored the urgent need for rational thinking and decisive action to address these pressing issues, attributing credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for offering the people of Kashmir the opportunity to exercise their political rights through diversity and rationality.

With unwavering conviction, Bhat continued, “But today, I stand before you not just as a leader, but as a voice for the voiceless, demanding accountability and justice. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed under the guise of governance.”

Furthermore, Bhat commended Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha for his efforts in establishing historic peace in the valley and working towards its sustainable future. As Kashmir stands at a critical juncture, Bhat urged both the government and the people to seize the moment and collectively strive towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the region.

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