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Morning assembly in all schools shall begin with National Anthem: Pr Sec SED

The School Education Department (SED) has announced that morning assemblies in all schools will now begin with the National Anthem, adhering to standard protocol. This directive was issued by Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary to the government for the School Education Department, in a recent circular.

According to the news agency Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Kumar emphasized that starting the school day with a morning assembly can foster a positive atmosphere, instill unity, and promote discipline among students. The assemblies are seen as a vital part of the schooling system, contributing significantly to the overall development of students.

Kumar’s circular highlighted the importance of morning assemblies as platforms for nurturing values such as moral integrity, community spirit, and mental tranquility. Despite their significance, it has been observed that the practice is not consistently followed across various schools in the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory (JK UT).

To address this inconsistency, the SED has mandated that all schools conduct morning assemblies in accordance with the new guidelines. This move is aimed at ensuring uniformity and standardization of this important school ritual across the region.

The guidelines specify that the morning assembly should last for 20 minutes. During this time, all students and teachers are required to gather at the designated area at the start of the school day. This practice is intended to bring the school community together and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Additionally, the guidelines stipulate that the morning assembly must begin with the National Anthem, following the standard protocol. This measure is expected to instill a sense of national pride and unity among students.

By implementing these guidelines, the SED aims to reinforce the significance of morning assemblies and ensure that their benefits are uniformly experienced by students across all schools in JK UT. This initiative underscores the department’s commitment to enhancing the educational environment and promoting the holistic development of students.

The circular issued by Kumar serves as a reminder to all educational stakeholders of the importance of adhering to these guidelines, thereby ensuring that the tradition of morning assemblies is upheld and effectively integrated into the daily school routine.

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