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Minor boy dies after being hit by vehicle

In a tragic incident in Doda district, a minor boy lost his life after being struck by a vehicle in the Assar area on Saturday afternoon, according to officials. The collision, involving a speeding vehicle bearing registration number JK 17 0480, resulted in the immediate demise of the young victim. Identified as Bhanu Partab, aged only four years, he hailed from Bagger Banoota.

Upon receiving the news, authorities swiftly moved the boy’s body to CHC Assar for necessary medico-legal procedures. The incident has caused shock and grief within the community, highlighting the urgent need for road safety measures in the region. The loss of such a young life underscores the importance of vigilance and adherence to traffic regulations.

Local law enforcement has initiated an investigation into the matter, with police taking cognizance of the incident. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by reckless driving and the importance of responsible behavior on the roads.

Efforts to raise awareness about road safety and enforce stricter traffic laws are imperative to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the future.

As the community mourns the untimely passing of Bhanu Partab, authorities are urged to prioritize measures aimed at ensuring the safety of pedestrians, especially children, on the roads.

The incident serves as a somber reminder of the need for collective action to prevent further loss of life due to road accidents, emphasizing the invaluable nature of every individual’s safety and well-being.

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